Your World Recruitment Drives Global Improvements with Avaya Cloud Office

Your World Recruitment, a global staffing organisation providing careers to experienced healthcare professionals worldwide, is set to better address the global healthcare staffing shortage with an all-new UCaaS solution provided by Avaya (NYSE: AVYA).

Healthcare systems around the world face pressure from the pandemic and urgently need personnel to fill gaps in all areas, such as administering vaccines, helping with unexpected peaks in demand and provisioning services. As a result, specialist healthcare recruitment services like Your World Recruitment are working hard to support the front lines with a reliable supply of new talent.

To aid the recovery of the global healthcare staff supply chain, Your Word Recruitment is rolling out Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral®, an agile, flexible and scalable communications solution delivered by Fortay Connect, an Avaya ecosystem partner and expert in customer experience and unified communications. The solution is set to support both the immediate needs and long-term growth of Your Word Recruitment.

“As a business, we need to ensure that our recruiters can do their job properly, which means dialling speed, call reliability and remote capability,” said Simon Knox, IT Director, Your World Recruitment.

Avaya Cloud Office was selected for its ability to deliver a flawless real-time telephony experience for recruiters and candidates from anywhere in the world, as well as support future expansion. The 280-user, all-in-one cloud communication solution is scheduled to go live by the end of 2021.

The global nature of the business was also a key factor in the selection of Avaya Cloud Office. Addressing a global healthcare talent pool with a globally dispersed workforce of recruiters, Your World Recruitment delivers its IT services over VDI to support the secure delivery of apps and desktops. This means that real time communications must also work in the VDI environment.

“We wanted softphones for easier homeworking and COVID stay-at-home rules accelerated this move, but our first cloud communications partner, couldn’t support telephony seamlessly within our VDI and its desktop and mobile app required different profiles,” explained Knox.

“The issue was that there was a delay – and in recruitment any kind of a delay is too long. Avaya Cloud Office works and does what we need it to do, which is to integrate seamlessly with our VDI environment so that our real time telephony is a seamless and effortless experience for our recruiters. It was also commercially more attractive for us.

Steve Joyner, Vice President – UK & Ireland, Avaya, added, The employee experience is just as vital as the customer experience. In the healthcare industry, both are under pressure right now and so, more than ever, communications experiences need to be effortless. This means being unaware of the layers of technology integration that might be going on behind the scenes so everyone can get on with doing their job well. Avaya customers are empowered to provide their employees with everything they want before they ask for it and before they even know they need it as that is the basis for the great customer engagement and the best experiences.”



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About Your World Healthcare

Established in 2005, Your World Healthcare is a global healthcare recruitment agency, placing a wide range of healthcare professionals from all medical sectors including Nursing, Doctors, Allied Health Professionals (AHP), Health Science Services (HSS) and Non-Medical Non-Clinical to public and private sector healthcare settings in the UK and Ireland. In the UK, Your World is a recognized Crown Commercial Service supplier as well as being accredited with HealthTrust Europe, the Collaborative Procurement Partnership, NHS Wales Shared Services Partnership and NHS Scotland. Your World Healthcare also has multiple extensive private contracts in place for the supply of nurses throughout the United Kingdom.