Revolutionising Business: How Dialpad's new AI tool takes customer service to new heights!

Dialpad recently revealed an innovative tool referred to as 'Custom Ai Playbooks.' This tool is designed to offer real-time guidance to sales and customer service teams, assisting them during and after customer calls. Alongside this guidance, the solution incorporates AI-generated summarisation and analytics aimed at enhancing efficiency, productivity, and adherence to best practices to meet key KPIs.

Custom Ai Playbooks leverage a vast pool of proprietary data, encompassing more than five billion minutes of call recordings, in addition to Dialpad's cutting-edge real-time speech recognition and generative AI capabilities.

Dan O’Connell, who serves as the Chief AI & Strategy Officer at Dialpad, expressed his enthusiasm for the launch of this new AI tool, describing it as a significant step forward in the realm of practical AI. O'Connell elaborated, "It’s Dialpad’s version of an AI Copilot, a conversational interface built specifically to support users with rapid decision-making. With tailored recommendations, leaders can curate sales, customer service, and recruiting processes specific to their company and customer needs."

Dialpad has long been committed to democratising AI, and the introduction of Custom Ai Playbooks represents a milestone in making AI accessible to a broader audience.

This AI solution is entering the market at an opportune time, as companies increasingly seek to harness the power of AI to enhance their revenue, even during challenging economic conditions. Custom Ai Playbooks can contribute to revenue growth by offering a structured framework and real-time guidance, enabling managers to make informed business decisions and identify coaching opportunities. These opportunities are identified by capturing agent and customer responses in each call, thereby enhancing agent performance and providing post-call analytics.

Dialpad highlights five key benefits of Custom Ai Playbooks:

  1. Time-saving: Sales managers and supervisors can efficiently track and train representatives in real-time, allowing them to focus on other tasks and identify areas for improvement in agent skills.
  2. Reduced ramp-up time and coaching challenges: The consistent methodology and customer calling expectations streamline training and coaching efforts.
  3. Enhanced sales coaching opportunities: The solution identifies agents and reps in need of coaching, pinpointing specific aspects of their methodology that require improvement, leading to more effective conversations between managers and their teams.
  4. Improved sales rep and agent efficiency: Customised questions tailored to different stages of the sales process lead to more efficient interactions, ultimately boosting the customer pipeline and deal closures.
  5. Customisation: Custom Ai Playbooks cater to the unique needs of businesses by offering customisable playbook templates and the flexibility to add new methodologies aligned with their KPIs.

Custom Ai Playbooks represents Dialpad's seventh AI product as part of its '12 Months of AI' product series, an initiative launched in April. Since its inception, this initiative has achieved record ARR growth, secured a £50 million investment in AI research and development, and introduced a series of AI products, including Ai Recap, Ai Scorecards, Ai Playbooks, Ai Coaching Hub, PII Redaction, and DialpadGPT.

Earlier this month, Dialpad unveiled its latest generative AI innovations, including an auto-summarisation feature, expanded Auto-QA functionality, a new Generative AI feature within Dialpad’s Coaching Hub, along with its Ai Playbooks tool.