Paragon Law selects GoToConnect


Paragon Law


Paragon Law is a niche immigration law firm, with specializations in corporate, personal immigration and asylum and human rights. Founded in the UK in 2003, the firm is based in Nottingham, UK but with a global client base and with associate offices in the US and Nigeria.




The Paragon Law strategy is to be an agile law firm. When Covid-19 hit, the company had to fast-track its plans to implement remote working. The company had always used a traditional office phone system, which meant phones had to be diverted to mobiles when staff worked from home. The system could only facilitate basic conference calls and had no capability for video calls or sharing documents. Group CEO, Thal Vasishta, says: “We recognized that the physical office could be a thing of the past. But in our business, it’s important to have face-to-face conversations with clients, who may be vulnerable or in difficult situations. Security is also very important, and we were concerned about the risks of using some of the freely available video-calling software.”




Paragon Law needed an integrated videoconferencing and phone system and Fortay Connect were able to arrange a discovery session with Paragon Law to demonstrate how GoTo could solve its problems. Mark says: “Just two days later, Thal placed the order. He said the decision was easy because GoTo was simply the best system he’d found. That’s also why we, as a communications technology specialist, choose to partner with LogMeIn, because we’re confident in offering GoTo products to our clients.”


To meet Paragon Law’s pressing need for an online meeting system, LogMeIn set up GoToMeeting within days. GoToConnect, the unified, cloud-based phone solution, was active within a month. The set-up time for GoToConnect is dictated by the process of transferring phone numbers, which is Ofcom-regulated and takes around 30 days. Because GoTo is a cloud-based, SaaS solution, Paragon Law now has a single, monthly per-user fee to pay for its phone and meeting systems, instead of the usual capital costs and variable call and add-on charges of a traditional phone system. The monthly fee includes the phone system, videoconferencing, phone calls, all support, maintenance and software updates.




Thal says: “Implementing GoToMeeting and GoToConnect had an immediate impact on our business. It meant our teams could work from anywhere, using any device. Videoconferencing is integrated into the software, so it’s easy for multiple people to connect at any time, wherever they are. And, importantly for us, there is complete end-to-end security. We have total flexibility when it comes to calling locally or internationally too, because the system is cloud-based rather than on-site.” Paragon Law was also able to switch to delivering customer seminars via videoconference, using GoToMeeting. It is now looking to adopt GoToWebinar, to take the professionalism of its webinars to the next level.




"We had a detailed look at all the phone and video-calling systems available and GoTo was the best by a country mile. It’s had a huge impact on the way we collaborate as a team and the service we can offer to clients. It means that when we think about growth now, we don’t have to think in terms of larger offices, since all our people can work and connect easily from anywhere."