Total Transformation in Communications for ESI Technologies


ESI Technologies


Established in 1919, ESI Technologies is a leading supplier of process equipment and engineering solutions for the biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and energy industries in Ireland, UK and Benelux. It has plants in Cork and Cwmbran.




With pharmaceutical and biotech industries in Ireland growing strongly, and customers expecting greater speed and efficiency from suppliers, ESI Technologies was keen to increase the flexibility and responsiveness of its systems.

Alan Venner, IT Business Unit Leader at ESI Technologies, says: “Customers were increasingly using multiple online and mobile communication channels to contact us, and our existing hard-wired PBX phone system seemed inflexible and restrictive by comparison.”

As part of a wider upgrade to its computer systems, which included switching to cloud-based platforms, ESI Technologies decided to review its phone system and explore VoIP options.

Alan explains: “Everything was up for grabs from an IT perspective. We looked at what sister companies were doing within the group and explored a number of suppliers. We knew about LogMeIn because we were already using GoToMeeting, so we set up a call to find out more about its cloud-based phone system, GoToConnect.”




Following an initial proposal, LogMeIn introduced ESI Technologies to its local specialist unified communications and collaboration partner, Fortay Connect.

Mark Taylor from Fortay Connect says: “We matched the requirements and use cases of ESI Technology to the capabilities of GoToConnect. The company’s call requirements were quite straightforward, but we were able to use the infinite flexibility of GoToConnect to create a bespoke set-up for their needs.”

Alan adds: “We purchased 76 GoToConnect seats for our users in Ireland and Wales. The system was easy to set up and the onboarding ran smoothly, thanks to excellent planning and regular communication from the project team.”




Alan says: “The flexibility and customisation we now have at our fingertips is light years ahead of anything we had before. GoToConnect has really enhanced our capabilities, with features such as call groups, forwarding, caller ID and auto-attendant services.”

Customers calling ESI Technologies now have many more options than simply leaving a voicemail. Calls not answered immediately are automatically forwarded to standby receptionists or mobile phones, enabling staff to receive and make calls wherever they are. These flexible call-routing capabilities have almost eliminated the problem of unanswered calls for ESI Technologies. All customer-facing product specialists now have the GoToConnect app on their mobiles, so they can always keep in touch with customers.

Alan adds: “When a customer has gone to the effort of calling us, rather than using emails or messaging, we want to ensure they’re able to speak to somebody. GoToConnect allows us to provide that personal interaction almost every time. It gives us much greater flexibility by enabling our people to stay connected and work seamlessly from anywhere."




"LogMeIn offered the prestige, the reputation and the expertise we were looking for. We like to build partnerships with our suppliers, and LogMeIn aligned with that approach and had the technological back-up to support our long-term requirements"